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If you want to contact me, please do drop me a mesg via sms or Whatsapp OR send a PM via FB messenger, so I can respond to you. I am generally in meetings in the afternoon and cannot pick up your calls.

IF you want to meet asap, please try to make your sms or whatapps before 12 noon. Otherwise I am unable to slot you in in the course of the day.

You can contact me, discuss appointments and book engagements if you are looking for a tarot reader for events at my FACEBOOK page. follow this link to my FB page.

CHARGES: $100/hr for individual readings. Most readings will only take one hour anyway.

I am also available to do readings for events. For rates and charges for events, as well as other details, please contact me via the messenger on my FACEBOOK page. I will discuss rates and other details with you via the Facebook messenger service.

The Facebook page is the fastest way you can reach me to discuss details or set appointments. I am on it almost 24-7 to answer questions from those who want to seek out tarot readings.

LOCATION: I do not have my own shop or office. However, I am mostly around the Orchard or Bugis area. When you contact me to set a time, I will also attempt to set a location in either the Bugis or Orchard area at a quiet cafe where we can sit down and have a reading. If you do not live in Singapore, we can arrange for an online reading using skype or an email reading… ALTHOUGH it is always better if I can see you in person.


Some people ask me why it is necessary for me to see them face to face…here’s the truth

See… when I am doing the reading, I am also looking at their energy field… I cannot really explain what it is like.. its like, when I look at a person, I see his past, present and future. all these confusing images… it takes time to make sense of it, and I might be a little slow because of it. The cards just help me make sense of what I am seeing. the problem with images is that they do not conveniently face a calendar or clock so I can see what DATE or time it is, thus I will have to figure out based on dressing, style, language and gestures.

Obvious ancient scenes are easily deciphered…… However, more confusing are scenes near the modern times. I am sometimes uncertain if the thing I am seeing is in the past, present or future.

Also… if I appear slow at times, it is because I am not only listening to what the person is saying, but also I am listening to what supernatural voices are telling me. I make a connection to the Creator who SOMETIMES informs me things about the person. This however is not 100% guarantee to be on when you are there, this is because I am not in control of what it is that I am hearing. I mean I find it really really strange that some channellers can like call upon gawd or the archangels upon command… the reality is .. it does not work like this… gawd does not speak when he does not want to. I think this is same for every other gawd… I mean hell.. who do you think you are talking to?

I mean, I do not consider myself a medium because I do not physically become the vassal of a gawd…. otherwise I would get most of you to go to a special place or temple…

I have always had the ability to hear supernatural voices…. when I was a kid, it was damn scary… I do not consider myself a channeller because I do not claim to speak for any one named deity… that would not be right…

Sad to say… there is no guarantee that you will get a certain result you hope for…. no matter what OTHER fortune tellers might tell you…. hell.. the truth is there is no guarantee…. they might tell you things you want to hear OR they might tell you all the stuff you don’t want….

Whatever it is.. please be nice… I know some people truly have wishes for a certain result deep down in their hearts and thus when they go to a reader.. they expect that result.. I suspect that its because of this, some readers read the result that they want regardless of what the cards/sticks/dice/palm says…

IF you do not get the result you are hoping for…. please do not smack me in the face or whatever… because the truth is, there is no guarantee…. I read what I see before me…

Some people were so unhappy that they told me that another reader that they went to read a different result.. the result that they wanted…

Human beings on the whole are greedy and self-deceiving… and are unwilling to see what is plain to another person… for example… a man comes to me to ask me if he should go into sales.. but he has no experience in that area and is also not a good speaker… I mean, what am I to conclude? The man is very unhappy when the cards say that he should not venture into that area… BUT he tells me another reader, one who is “more accurate”, tells him he should go there….

I just tell him that I am reading what I see and that is the 100% truth… at least from my point of view.

Just as in the medical profession, everybody is free to seek “Second opinions.”

As an old friend said to me… some people must go through fire to know the truth and I allow him to enter the fire…. it is not my business if the person refuses the advice….

I think to avoid such problems, some readers actually tell the people who see them what they want to hear…. yes, some readers are actually skilled enough to figure out what it is that the person wants to hear…. some people’s beliefs are so entrenched that they will have to “pass through fire” to be awakened…

I guess I would get a lot more customers if I actually told people what they want to hear… I am skilled enough to know what it is that you are hoping for…. I mean I can sometimes see your thoughts and dreams.. but it was instructed long ago by the Creator to be truthful in all of this and that this business is not about making a lot of money….

I am here reading for you so that THROUGH YOU I might also learn my lessons. Because you all show me the lessons of life through stories of your own life…

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Is there any upside to being a good person? I think there is. See… I personally think Karma is like a pattern, more so than a bank account or whatever you might want to call it.

The more good things you do.. the more people you come into contact with which you have interacted in a good manner, the more good patterns you are setting up for yourself.

See, I think that sometimes when bad things happen to us, it might be a repeat of certain patterns we were involved in in previous lifetimes. The more good patterns we set up, the higher the chance they will be repeated again in this lifetime and in other lifetimes. We are setting ourselves up to be helped by others who share our pattern.

Too hard to understand? Well, think of karma as a spinning “stamping wheel” that stamps out patterns in our lives… when we create good karma, we are essentially creating good patterns for that wheel to keep stamping out for us in the future. If we have more good patterns than bad patterns, what do you think that means for us as individuals? Won’t we be luckier in life? in work? In love?

Of course, using some common sense, do not keep doing things for people who only seek to use you or who do not deserve it. But do good to those who genuinely need help, who will appreciate your effort.. or who at least will not be there to be some kind of a stumbling block on your path.

This is just a simple thought that I have, at this end of the year period. Keep doing good my friends, for its own sake. Accumulate for yourself good patterns. So at the very least, the name you will leave this world with will be one that is respected and not spit upon.

NEW!!! FB Page contact!

Now it will be possible for you to contact me via FB…. I do recommend this because I am online quite a bit of the time owing to work issues. Also this will allow me to respond to questions faster AND especially when I am in meetings and cannot use my mobile. Yes, for a very practical reason I can still use my laptop…. so yes… I will try to respond in the same 24 hr period.

THe webpage is ….. Singapore Tarot ON FB

The Nature of Time

Whenever anyone comes to me for a reading, I give them a short talk about the probability of accurately telling one’s future using the tarot.

Here’s the truth. There are VERY FEW people in this world who are truly capable of telling you events that will actually happen to you regardless of whatever you do. Usually these people are only accurate up to a max of like 3 days. And usually, these people are either the personal servant or slave of some god or have made a very very deep and long-lasting agreement with divine powers. Capability to truly see future events is quite impossible for mortals outside of the divine realm.

The truth of fortune telling is that time is very much like a flowing stream, that flows in one direction only. And the events of your life are fishes that swim in this stream. You are a boatman trying to fish these fish. Based largely on who you are and what you have done before to perpetuate certain events in your life, certain fish will either swim closer to you or not. YOU are the magnet that attracts the kind of fish you want to fish into your life.

Tarot card reading is at best a reading about PROBABILITY. The reader will tell you which future is most likely gonna occur based on the current circumstances of your life. So I might say, that the chances of something happening are …. 20, 30 40, 50 or 70%….

For instance, if you are a heavy smoker and have been so for 40 years, I would say that there is a very high probability that you will likely end up with lung cancer. If you decide to give it up before you get cancer, then you are taking an action that will prevent that cancer “fish” from swimming close to your boat. Of course there are conditions that will modify that chance… for instance, good genes…. Perhaps, unbeknownst to you even, you have been born with a gene that prevents lung cancer. Then I would say the chances of you getting that lung cancer is significantly less…

So… do not despair even if you have done stuff all your life that has terrible consequences for you. Every day is a new day, and the future can always be altered, by actions on your part to prevent the fate you do not want from happening. Do things to lessen the chance of attracting “bad fish” (e.g. Live a clean and healthy life, do good and show compassion to your fellow men)…. Good actions aren’t always immediately rewarded, but when you do a significant amount of them, you create a field of positive energy around you that will help you attract the good things in life. The ancient wisdom advising humans to be good isn’t without its own logic.

If you believe in a god, then doing good will help you, both spiritually and in your current mortal existence.

We can’t as mortal beings, turn back time, but we can modify the outcome by taking actions, even small actions daily to push ourselves in the direction that we want. So DO NOT DESPAIR…. just keep doing what it is you need to to get you where you need to be.

Tarot reading can help you by giving you insights about what you can be doing to improve your station in life. Perhaps there is something that you need to be doing, but are not because it has never occurred to you to do it. Tarot card reading can help by identifying what it is hat you can do to enhance your chances of fulfilling the goals that you might have set for yourself.

The Type of Tarot Reading Experience You Can Expect

I am a pretty direct person who is quite forthright and to-the-point. I assume that the aim of you coming to me, is to seek answers to questions that you might have.  I will do all that I can to help you find a clear answer.

This may or may not be the answer that you want.

I will be quite honest with you regarding the kind of information I get from  the cards. I will also do all that I can to put the answers to you as gently as I can in a way that you can understand the information.

You can expect honesty, integrity, accuracy and forthrightness from me in all my dealings with you. I will not mince words with you at all.

I guess you are probably figuring out by now that I am not about promising you freedom from your anxiety or fear or doubt. I am about finding answers and the truth as I see it.